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Tattoo and Piercing Aftercare

We use two different styles of aftercare methods for tattoos

Saniderm Aftercare



Saniderm Bandages are useful on new tattoos, abrasions, lacerations and as a protective cover to prevent skin damage from friction.
Do not use Saniderm if you have an adhesive allergy.

Directions for use

Cut the Saniderm bandage to size, rounding the corners and allowing at least a 1-inch border around the tattoo or wounded skin.
Once the tattoo is completed the artist will have covered your tattoo with a piece of Saniderm. This first bandage should stay on for 8-24 hours and you may see blood and plasma, this is normal. We recommend removing this piece of Saniderm or coming by the studio and having one of our artists remove it within the 8-24 hour window. The tattoo should then be cleaned and rinsed thoroughly, allow the tattoo to air dry for the next 5 min. All soap needs to be rinsed off skin throughly before application of next bandage. It’s very important at this time to keep any foreign contaminates from coming in contact with unwrapped tattoo. The second piece of Saniderm should be applied the same as the piece before. The second piece can be worn for the next 3-5 days. If the tattoo weeps into the second piece of Saniderm you can remove it and apply a third piece. This is not always needed. Saniderm should not be worn more than 7 consecutive days.
Even though Saniderm gives you an extra layer of protection, we still recommend you not submerging your fresh tattoo into water.

Removal of your Saniderm

Gently pull the bandage down over itself slowly. Avoid pulling upward or ripping it off quickly. For easiest removal, use warm water to help loosen the adhesive.

For more information,FAQs, detailed instructions, videos, and helpful tips.


Hustle Butter



Hustle Butter Deluxe Luxury Tattoo Aftercare & Daily Moisturizing Cream is as luxurious and rich as it sounds. Developed as an all natural, petroleum replacement lubricant used in the tattoo healing process, it is the #1 rated tattoo aftercare product amongst artists and clients with amazing value when tending to swelling & skin inflammation.
In addition to being a staple in tattoo aftercare, Hustle Butter Deluxe is an ideal addition to your daily skincare routine providing instant relief to dry, cracked skin, leaving you soft and smooth day after day.


Use Hustle Butter Deluxe® tattoo ointment during tattooing, and as a tattoo aftercare healing cream. Apply to skin to heal and moisturize. Many of our clients continue to use Hustle Butter Deluxe® long after their tattoo has healed to keep their skin moisturized and healthy, and to keep their tattoo’s colors bright.

Once you leave our studio you will have a bandage over your fresh tattoo. You will want to remove it after an hour. Once removed, you will need to clean your tattoo by hand (no wash cloths) and rinse thoughly, only using antibacterial soap. Allow it to air dry, then apply a thin layer of Hustle Butter to the area. Continue to do this until tattoo is healed. Make sure you clean your tattoo between applications.

This method is for those who have an adhesive allergy or dislike the Saniderm aftercare.

For more information


Piercing Aftercare NeilMed



Do the following steps 3 to 4 times daily

Step One

Thoroughly wash your hands

Step Two

Spray your piercings entrance and exit holes with Neilmeds sterile saline wound wash solution

Step Three

Let Air Dry. Avoid using q-tips, if you'd like to pat dry we encourage using sterile non woven gauze. however, we recommend air dry

Once Daily: Rinse your piercing with warm fresh water in the shower. This should loosen any very hard crusty mater that forms on the jewelry and help it fall off naturally when ready. After you shower repeat the cleaning steps above.

The Importance of Downsizing

Most piercings are started with jewelry that is a little longer to accommodate for both cleaning and swelling. Once the swelling has subsided, please visit AET Tattoo and Piercing Studio for a follow up consultation. We typically recommend that you visit 4 to 6 weeks after your piercing. If your piercing is slept on or otherwise irritated, it can cause a permanent distortion in the angle of the piercing. Downsizing your jewelry in a manner can prevent the distortion from happening. 

Jewelry fees do apply when downsizing. 

What to Avoid

Avoid touching your piercing with unwashed hands. Contamination of the piercing site can result in infection.

Prevent makeup, health and beauty products, and other cosmetics from touching the piercing.

Do NOT Remove. rotate, twist, or turn jewelry. 

Avoid swimming while healing a new piercing.

Tips and Tricks

Travel pillows can help you avoid sleeping directly on your ear while healing a ear piercing.

Clean bedding can help prevent complications. A clean t-shirt over your pillow, changed regularly until your pillow case is washed, is strongly encouraged.

Problems? Questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact AET Tattoo and Piercing Studio for free consultations whenever you have the slightest concern about your piercing.  We can’t help if we don’t hear from you, so please contact us 

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