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Send a Message / Book a Consultation

make sure to put your artist preference in your message. Also a phone number you can be reached.

The Booking / Appointment Process

Choosing Your Artist

When booking a consultation choosing the artist that is best for your tattoo is important! We recommend you look over each artist’s portfolios in the artist tab above and make a decision based on their style. Artists specialize in different styles of tattooing so be mindful that if it is not their style we may redirect you to one of our other artists. Our goal is to place you with the artist that fits your tattoo needs the best!

Setting Up Your Consultation

After choosing an artist, fill out our consultation form above and email it to the studio manager. Please be patient with us and give us a few days to respond to your email, we are a busy studio. It’s important when filling out your consultation form to give a detailed description of the tattoo you want along with all reference images you have. This helps us to understand your ideas for the tattoo.

The Day of Consultation

On the day of your consultation you will speak with your artist in detail about your tattoo idea. The artist will narrow your references down and talk about placement. Pictures of the area on the body you are getting tattooed on could also be taken on this day. We will give you an estimate for the tattoo, an appointment date, and take a deposit. All deposits are non-refundable and are applied to total price of the tattoo. For multiple session tattoos the deposit applies to the total on the last appointment date. We will fill out an appointment form with the details you and your artist decided on and email you a copy of the contract. 

Each artist has their own availability and wait times for appointments. 

If rescheduling is necessary please notify your artist within 48 hours to prevent losing your deposit. Take into consideration when discussing a new appointment date that artists are typically booked up several months and cannot move appointments around to accommodate rescheduled appointments. You will be offered the first open dates at the end of the artists current booking schedule. 

The Appointment Date

On your appointment date we ask for you to be on time, eat within four hours of the tattoo start time, and be well hydrated. You can bring snacks and (non-alcoholic) drinks of your choice. We have free water and soda available for clients getting a service in our studio. Dress so your are comfortable and the area you are getting tattooed is easily accessible. Please practice good hygiene by wearing clean clothes and showering prior to your appointment.

We ask if you have children, please make arrangements prior to your appointment for them to not be present. Tattoos sessions can last for long periods of time and your artist needs their full attention to be on your tattoo.


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